We develop firmware applications for real time embedded systems (based on ARM architecture)

Mad Engineering provides a complete firmware and software service for hardware products.
In 2016 our engineers team expanded and got independent in the development of firmware and software embedded real-time proprietary systems based on ARM architecture.
The expertise reached during the decennial research activity, the design and electronic products development in Project Service s.r.l. actually represent the strong pedestal on which MAD Engineering is solidly based.

The development stages for your project

1. Hardware validation

We analyze your microcontrollers features in order to professionally face every further development. If you have any uncertainty about your controllers, ask us for a free evaluation of your architecture.

2. Specification definition

We study your specs and, after an accurate analysis, we integrate them to optimize the result.

3. Time/cost analysis

We focus on time/cost analysis to minimize the and to obtain simplified processes and optimizes costs.

4. Integrations development

We carry out the prototype test and debug phases both in our headquarters or client ones, keeping constant contacts with our client. We fulfil the whole project to facilitate the smart integrations development, specific for any project requirements.

5. Release and production

After the completion of the test we release to our client a set-to-market product and we define the optimum number of samples required to assess the level of industrialization and engineering of the finished product.

6. Feedback and maintenance

The next phase to release is the most important for the product lifetime on the market, keeping up with the constant technological innovations.

Our Team

Ivan Marini

“Innovation is thinking about the need and not the technology” and he does it with artistic engineering while managing MAD Engineering development team

Arianna Marini

“Even numbers have a soul!”, and she says it with metodic passion. She supports the MAD Engineering development strategies and ensures financial resources.

Riccardo Gennari

Senior Firmware Developer
"Code is my great passion. Innovative firmware development is my mission" to enhance not only machines performance, but people's quality of life above all.

Luca Terzi

Senior Firmware Developer
"There’s nothing I can’t do with a micro!” (microcontroller!) as the expression of all his creativity

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